Paranormal encounter at Mobil on the Run

A Mobil on the Run convenience store employee claims to have had a paranormal experience behind the counter. He describes how a woman with a child came into the store, and how she gave him $20 to hold while she went to the bathroom. When she returned, she was noticeably shaken and told him to call the police.

He said the woman’s child was in a stroller. The employee says that he told the woman to leave, but she refused. He says he told her to go outside, and when she did, he closed the door behind her.

He then saw the woman’s face in the window, and he says he saw a “shadow” coming out of the child. He says he then heard the child crying, and he says he saw the shadow of a man.

“He was just standing there,” he said. “He looked like a man in a suit.”

The employee says he went to the bathroom to call the police, and when he returned, the woman was gone.

“I don’t know what it was,” he said. “I just don’t know what it was.”

Spooky evidence photo of the poltergeist at Days Inn

The manager of a local Days Inn took this picture of a poltergeist haunting the motel.

I’m not sure what made me pick up the phone and call the manager of a Days Inn in the small town of Tewksbury, Massachusetts. I have no idea why I would call him. I’m not a believer in ghosts.

I picked up the phone and dialed the number, and a woman answered. She told me that the motel was haunted by a ghost that was causing all sorts of problems.

I didn’t believe her.

She told me that the ghost was a young girl who was killed in the motel.

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“I just know. I’ve seen her. She’s real.”

“Do you know her name?”


“How do you know that she’s a ghost?”

“I just know.”

Paranormal activity inside a men’s restroom at Chili’s

This eerie photo appears to capture paranormal activity in a men’s restroom at Chili’s. It’s unclear who took the image, but the restaurant is in the Mission Viejo area of California.

The image was posted to Reddit on Oct. 4. In the caption, the photo’s creator said it was taken in a men’s restroom at Chili’s.

“I was waiting for someone to leave the bathroom when I walked in and saw this,” the photo’s creator wrote. “I know it’s not a ghost, but it’s the most intense thing I’ve ever seen.”

“We’re sorry to hear that you saw something so terrifying,” Chili’s told BuzzFeed in a statement. “We are currently investigating the matter and have reached out to the customer.”

The statement did not elaborate on what kind of investigation was taking place. Chili’s did not immediately respond to a request for comment about how they’ve handled other reports of paranormal activity at the restaurant.

The Reddit thread has drawn a lot of comments from both fans of the image and skeptics.

“I am in favor of ghosts and spirits but I believe this is a hoax,” one commenter wrote. “If I were the person who took the photo, I would be embarrassed to share the image.”

Creepy photograph taken in Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant

This photo taken in Buffalo Wild Wings appears to capture a haunting phenomenon.

A man who appears to be completely covered in red blotches is sitting at a table at the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The photo was posted to the restaurant’s Facebook page.

People on the social media site commented that the man’s appearance is very strange.

“He looks like he’s having a seizure,” wrote one user.

Another said the man looks like he’s been electrocuted.

The restaurant posted a statement to its Facebook page, saying the blotches are a sign of the restaurant’s popularity.

“Thank you for the kind words. We are excited to have a place to call home in Erie,” the statement read.

Ring doorbell photo of ‘The Walker’

One member of the Housing Association posted this unsettling photo to NextDoor, claiming it shows an entity known as ‘The Walker.’

A mysterious entity has been lurking on the doors of vacant houses in southwest Detroit, including one at the corner of West 24th Street and West Warren Avenue.

One member of the Housing Association posted this unsettling photo to NextDoor, claiming it shows an entity known as ‘The Walker.’ The photo shows a shadowy figure with its back to the camera, standing in the middle of a vacant house on the corner of West 24th Street and West Warren Avenue.

The figure has a beard, dark hair and wears a white coat.

The photo was taken in the afternoon on April 9, 2019, according to the poster. The poster also claimed that the figure is known to appear at houses that have been vacant for a long time.

A Detroit police spokesman said the department has not received any complaints about the entity.

Unconfirmed sightings of a dimensional anomaly inside a Bed, Bath and Beyond store

Unconfirmed sightings of a dimensional anomaly hidden inside a Bed, Bath and Beyond store in the United States have been reported.

The anomaly has been confirmed as a breach in the space-time continuum and an entry point into a dimension that has been labeled the “Babylon Dimension.”

“It’s really just a rip in the fabric of space-time,” said Dr. Gloria Watkins, a leading expert on the dimension. “We know that it is a dimensional a nomaly because it is always open and it is always there. It’s like a hole in the ground.”

The breach has been closed and the dimensions are back in alignment, however, the anomaly has been sealed and the dimensional breach has been blocked.

“We are not sure how long it will take to fix the breach,” said Dr. Watkins. “It is a massive breach and it could take a long time to fix. We have to make sure that it is completely sealed and that there is no way to get back into the Babylon Dimension.

A Mysterious Message, a New Theory, and a Massive Setback for Psychic Spies

I am a paranormal investigator and psychic spy. I have been for over two decades. I’ve done hundreds of private investigations and have found and communicated with some fascinating paranormal entities.

photo of the paranormal investigator and psychic spy

In the beginning, I was an ordinary young woman. I worked as a receptionist for a fortune teller. I was curious about everything. I used to talk to people about their problems and what they needed. People were very helpful to me. I became friends with the fortune teller. We had a lot of fun. She told me that she was a witch.

I had a long-distance boyfriend who lived in England. We used to talk on the phone almost every day. I told him about the fortune teller and how she was helping me. He was very skeptical. He told me that I was crazy and that I should stop talking about it.

My psychic powers were beginning to manifest. I was getting messages from the spirit world. I could tell when someone was about to die. I could see spirits. I could see apparitions