Eerie figure in local state park

This image appears to depict an eerie figure recently photographed walking through a wooded area in a local state park. According to the official explanation, the figure in the photo appeared in the middle of the woods around… Read More

Possessed copy machine

Many people are reporting creepy incidents and unexplained demonic behavior around their office equipment, especially photocopiers. According to the report, photocopiers have become demonic hot spots for demonic activity. “Photocopiers were reported as the source of several other… Read More

Dimensional rift at Scholastic Book Fair

This image appears to show a dimensional rift opening at a local Scholastic Book Fair. The rift may be the start of a catastrophic collapse of the dimensional barrier between our dimension and the world of Zorn. The… Read More

Controversial photo of highway creature

This controversial photo appears to show a bizarre unidentified creature said to roam major highways of the U.S. The creature, first spotted in Arizona, has been dubbed the “man-eater,” and is described as a cross between a bear… Read More

Haunted internet cafe

Many legends surround this haunted internet cafe. One version is that a young woman died in the cafe, and her spirit remains to this day. A few years ago, a young woman named Kristine (not her real name)… Read More

Evil McDonald’s Happy Meal toys

A rare set of evil McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys has obsessed toy collectors and spawned countless creepy tales. But could these toys really be the devil’s own work? The McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys are a collection of strange… Read More

Photo of an ATM possessed by a demon

This ATM machine appears to be possessed by a frightening demon. Its eyes are blank, its mouth is set in a permanent, twisted sneer. The demon is the demon of ignorance. Its presence is like a sign that… Read More

Photo of possessed computer in supply room

Workers at a local office submitted this haunting photo of a computer in their supply room they say is ‘possessed’. Last week one of their colleagues suffered a fatal heart attack when he used the computer and left… Read More

Paranormal invasion at Wendy’s caught on camera

This is a photograph of what is thought to be a confirmed paranormal invasion occurring in a Wendy’s restaurant. The picture was taken on January 23, 2012 at around 3:30am by a security camera at a Wendy’s restaurant… Read More

Shadowy figure inside Wal-Mart

A shadowy figure spotted in multiple Wal-Mart locations has baffled paranormal experts. During a video shoot in a Wal-Mart in Lancaster, Ohio, a group of paranormal investigators were shocked to discover a woman’s figure on the second floor… Read More