The spooky locked door in the public library

A certain locked door in a nondescript public library has been linked to more than one unexplained disappearance. Now, a historian argues that the door is a ‘spook door’ or ‘witch cupboard’ that’s connected to a network of… Read More

A spherical vault beneath the Taco Bell drive-thru

A bizarre spherical vault that recently appeared in a Taco Bell drive-thru is defying physical laws. How it came to be and whether it will stick around are both currently unknown. The mystery object in question appeared in… Read More

Frightening illusion of a child in Payless Shoe Source

Numerous witnesses have seen a frightening illusion of a child inside Payless Shoe Source. But, as the children inside say, it’s not real. If you’ve never been to Payless, you might not know that it’s one of the… Read More

Dashcam photo of a haunting apparition

What is the haunting apparition spotted on this service road? Here is a picture of the place where the mysterious figure was sighted by the couple on May 30, 2018. They were driving from Shizi to the Zhongxing… Read More

Portal to hell in CVS

This CVS location contains what many believe to be a “portal to hell.” The spot is said to be haunted by a former employee who drowned in a nearby pond. On a chilly, foggy morning in December 2009,… Read More

Evidence of interdimesional haunting at the local Food Court

An interdimensional haunting is thought to have occurred at the mall’s Food Court. The sighting is described as a “floating white orb” that has been seen by many shoppers in the food court at the Westfield Stratford City… Read More

Potential supernatural entity widely reported at the local Home Depot

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Paranormal encounter at Mobil on the Run

A Mobil on the Run convenience store employee claims to have had a paranormal experience behind the counter. He describes how a woman with a child came into the store, and how she gave him $20 to hold… Read More

Spooky evidence photo of the poltergeist at Days Inn

The manager of a local Days Inn took this picture of a poltergeist haunting the motel. I’m not sure what made me pick up the phone and call the manager of a Days Inn in the small town… Read More

Paranormal activity inside a men’s restroom at Chili’s

This eerie photo appears to capture paranormal activity in a men’s restroom at Chili’s. It’s unclear who took the image, but the restaurant is in the Mission Viejo area of California. The image was posted to Reddit on… Read More