The spooky locked door in the public library

A certain locked door in a nondescript public library has been linked to more than one unexplained disappearance.

Now, a historian argues that the door is a ‘spook door’ or ‘witch cupboard’ that’s connected to a network of tunnels that runs beneath the city.

‘The closure of the locked door in the Fort George Island library in Tampa has nothing to do with the deaths of the three women,’ author Joseph Delmont wrote in his book Secret House. ‘It has everything to do with the long running search for a network of mysterious tunnels that was built several hundred years ago.’

The mysterious door in the Tampa, Florida library has been shown in several documentaries, including UFOs: Roswell to Area 51 which featured a clip of the door.

The locked door (pictured) is still closed in the library but was linked to the first unsolved disappearance of a Tampa Woman.

‘The tunnels extend deep into the ground,’ Delmont wrote.

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