Potential supernatural entity widely reported at the local Home Depot

Photo courtesy of Jacob Noll.

A recent spate of strange sightings has once again brought a supernatural entity to the spotlight. This time, the entity in question is the purported Bigfoot, a creature so often claimed to be the abode of the paranormal, but one that has yet to be substantiated by solid evidence.

The latest reported sighting was made by a local who was working at the Home Depot in Wethersfield, Connecticut, on April 25th. The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, reports that a man walked into the store, then walked around for about five minutes.

The witness also reports that the man was looking at the toy section. As the witness stood by the toy section, the man began to yell at him, “Get away from me! Get away from me!”

The witness also claims that the man then left the store. As the witness stood outside of the store, he claims that he began to hear noises. The noises included a low “growl,” and a “meow” that sounded like it was coming from the direction of the toy section.

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