A Mysterious Message, a New Theory, and a Massive Setback for Psychic Spies

I am a paranormal investigator and psychic spy. I have been for over two decades. I’ve done hundreds of private investigations and have found and communicated with some fascinating paranormal entities.

photo of the paranormal investigator and psychic spy

In the beginning, I was an ordinary young woman. I worked as a receptionist for a fortune teller. I was curious about everything. I used to talk to people about their problems and what they needed. People were very helpful to me. I became friends with the fortune teller. We had a lot of fun. She told me that she was a witch.

I had a long-distance boyfriend who lived in England. We used to talk on the phone almost every day. I told him about the fortune teller and how she was helping me. He was very skeptical. He told me that I was crazy and that I should stop talking about it.

My psychic powers were beginning to manifest. I was getting messages from the spirit world. I could tell when someone was about to die. I could see spirits. I could see apparitions

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