Controversial photo of highway creature

This controversial photo appears to show a bizarre unidentified creature said to roam major highways of the U.S.

The creature, first spotted in Arizona, has been dubbed the “man-eater,” and is described as a cross between a bear and a lion.

The creature, first spotted in Arizona in 2004, has been photographed in at least eight states, including California, New Mexico, and Texas. The man-eater, which is about 3 feet tall and weighs about 200 pounds, has a long, slender neck, a long tail, and large, bushy black hair. It’s also said to have a long, thin snout, large, yellow eyes, and a thick mane.

The creature’s most notable characteristic is its habit of “shaking the tail” — a bizarre behavior that causes the tail to wave back and forth like a whip. According to the BBC, a man-eater sighting in Arizona last year led to a heated debate over the animal’s existence.

Haunted internet cafe

Many legends surround this haunted internet cafe. One version is that a young woman died in the cafe, and her spirit remains to this day.

A few years ago, a young woman named Kristine (not her real name) decided to go to the internet cafe to meet her boyfriend. After spending some time there, she decided to go home.

However, she didn’t get home. She just disappeared. Her family and friends searched for her, but they never found her. She was just gone.

A few years later, the internet cafe is now a haunted internet cafe. People have seen strange things happen in there. And it seems that a young woman’s spirit is haunting the internet cafe.

According to legend, Kristine’s spirit has been haunting the internet cafe for years. She is still there, but nobody knows exactly what she is doing.

Evil McDonald’s Happy Meal toys

A rare set of evil McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys has obsessed toy collectors and spawned countless creepy tales. But could these toys really be the devil’s own work?

The McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys are a collection of strange and seemingly evil toys that have appeared in a handful of countries. The toys, which include a large, black ball and a tiny, black figure with a red face, were sold exclusively in McDonald’s Happy Meal boxes in the Netherlands in 2003 and 2004.

The toys were never officially sold in the United States, but they were widely circulated on the internet, and they became a phenomenon. There are even a number of stories about kids who received the toys and were traumatized by them.

One of the most widely circulated stories is about a young boy who received the toys as a gift. The boy, who is now in his 20s, told a Dutch newspaper that he had nightmares about the toys.

“I still have nightmares about the toys,” he said. “I don’t sleep well at night.”

Photo of an ATM possessed by a demon

This ATM machine appears to be possessed by a frightening demon. Its eyes are blank, its mouth is set in a permanent, twisted sneer.

The demon is the demon of ignorance. Its presence is like a sign that we should not go to any of the numerous “free” or “cheap” online banking websites that are on the Internet today.

The demons of ignorance in the United States have less obvious physical manifestations. They tend to be more insidious, more subtle, more hidden. The demons of ignorance in other parts of the world are easier to spot because they are not very subtle at all.

But the demons of ignorance are everywhere, in every part of the world. They are the enemies of the human race. They are the enemies of the human soul. They are the enemies of all of the real spiritual forces of the universe.

Photo of possessed computer in supply room

Workers at a local office submitted this haunting photo of a computer in their supply room they say is ‘possessed’.

Last week one of their colleagues suffered a fatal heart attack when he used the computer and left it switched on. He was found dead by co-workers this morning.

“I knew it was not possible to use this computer,” the source said. “I had never heard of such a thing as an evil eye.”

Because the computer was turned on, the source said the spirit left no obvious physical traces.

“There is an air of menace to it that scares me,” he said.

The police have begun an investigation into the matter. “It is an eerie sight,” the source said. “You look at it and you cannot say it is a computer.”

Paranormal invasion at Wendy’s caught on camera

This is a photograph of what is thought to be a confirmed paranormal invasion occurring in a Wendy’s restaurant. The picture was taken on January 23, 2012 at around 3:30am by a security camera at a Wendy’s restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas.

While the event is of a long standing and has been in the works for a number of years, the official report was just recently released.

According to the report, the incident took place in a Wendy’s restaurant on the 100 block of Elm Street. The report states that the managers of the restaurant are both Christians and that the entire restaurant was closed at the time of the event.

When the manager arrived at the restaurant, the employees were already locked inside. The manager unlocked the doors, opened the doors to the restaurant, and immediately noticed a “very bright white light” in the front of the restaurant.

When the manager entered the restaurant, the manager saw two men sitting at a table in the middle of the restaurant. The manager asked the men if they were “okay”, to which the men responded that they were fine.

The manager then asked the men if they would like to leave, to which the men responded that they were fine.

Shadowy figure inside Wal-Mart

A shadowy figure spotted in multiple Wal-Mart locations has baffled paranormal experts.

During a video shoot in a Wal-Mart in Lancaster, Ohio, a group of paranormal investigators were shocked to discover a woman’s figure on the second floor of the store. The figure vanished as soon as the group approached, and only a few odd items remained on the floor.

The figure is in a hallway that leads to the bathroom, and can be seen walking towards the door of the bathroom. As the investigators approach, the figure stops and turns to face them.

She then vanishes from the room, only to reappear a few moments later at the front of the store.

Demonic possession in Applebee’s parking lot

A demonic possession incident has reportedly occurred in an Applebee’s parking lot.

According to an eyewitness, a group of people were leaving a restaurant in the Oak Grove Shores area when a man in a white shirt started acting strangely and running around the parking lot.

Apparently the man was not running away from anyone, but rather trying to flee from something in the bushes. At the time of the incident, the witness said that they thought it might have been a joke.

However, the man would not stop running.

The witness then stated that the next thing they saw was the man in the white shirt possessed by a demonic looking figure.

The witness said that the demon was a normal looking man, but it had an evil glowing aura around it. The demonic man (presumably possessed) ran into the bushes as the others yelled at him to stop.

Upon seeing the demonic figure, the witness said they ran to the nearby mall.

Security footage of office demon

A local staffing office’s fifth floor security camera appears to have captured a demon.

The footage obtained by The Daily Beast shows a humanoid with a deep gash in its forehead and glowing red eyes, standing in front of a door in the lobby of the offices of the National Association of Local Boards of Election (NALBOE) in Atlanta.

The camera shows the creature looking around, then staring at the camera. Then, the demon turns and begins walking away from the camera.

“The demon is an imposter,” said one of the workers at the NALBOE, who requested anonymity. “We’ve had an imposter before.”

“It’s a very demonic-looking person,” said the office’s security officer, who also asked to remain anonymous. “I think it’s a demon.”

Scary face in the window of a McDonald’s

Some say this photograph shows a scary face in the window of a McDonald’s.

A common occurrence in my work is a face peering out of a window, perhaps from a dark apartment.

The face is not a reflection. It’s a scared face. And it’s important to me that you know this.

I’d like to think I’ve seen a few scary faces in windows, too. But I can’t be sure. And if I don’t know I’ve seen a scary face in a window, it’s just as real to me as if I did.

So, I’ll ask you to help me. Please, tell me if you’ve seen a scary face in a window. In the comments below, please list the window, city and time.